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Title: Granting A Wish
Fandom: xxxHolic (crossover with FMA -- more of a theme than a character crossover)
Summary: Yuuko pushes Watanuki to try a new idea of her's -- traveling into manga -- that she had been figuring out, and Watanuki thinks her a pushing salesperson as he always does. :)

Yuuko smiled. She rubbed her hands together like a Dimension Witch (“yes, I have been called that” she had said with somber voice) would rub her hands together and slowly chant a serene and ethereal chant that border lined on the horrific ideas of Space, Time, and Logic.Collapse )
Slightly AU, if imagining that Tamaki is put into a position where he must provide food for Haruhi (in a commoner's setting) is not at all possible in the 'verse, then AU it is.

Off His Throne

“Tamaki-senpai, what are you -- ?”

“Be quite, my dear Haruhi, I am making you pancakes.”

“Um -- ”

“Just sit down, relax, let Daddy handle this.”

Tamaki rolled his sleeves up. He gazed around.

“So, Haruhi,” he began, “where do you commoners get them?”

Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Ichigo/Rukia
Word Count: 431
Summary: Ichigo has feelings for Rukia... but how will Rukia respond?

Pride and Passion
Rating: G
Spoilers: up to anime episode 016
Summary: Rukia, helping Ichigo adjust to her own powers, dwells in thoughts of Soul Society and makes a decision for his safety. (The poem is written by me.)

Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Rukia, a hint of Ichigo/Rukia ("him" refers to Ichigo)
Summary: Rukia is... well, you can't describe her in the very least. But you, me, the world, everyone, time, the universe, can try, oh, we can try.

Perfect Paradox
Rating: G
Characters: Rukia
Word Count: 278
Summary/Storyline: Rukia wonders if it's okay to smile.

SmileCollapse )
Rating: G
Characters: Ichigo, Rukia
Word Count: 209
Summary/Storyline: Miagete yozora no hoshi tachi no hikari. meaning: look up at the light of the stars in the night sky.

StarsCollapse )
Rating: G
Characters: Byakuya, Ichigo
Word Count: 244
Summary/Storyline: Up till the Ichigo vs. Byakuya fight / Ichigo wonders about cherry blossoms because they don't fit with the Kuchiki captain.

ScatterCollapse )
Rating: G
Characters: Ichigo
Word Count: 148
Summary/Storyline: When Ichigo thinks.

ThoughtCollapse )
Rating: G
Characters: Rukia, Ichigo
Word Count: 469
Summary/Storyline: Rukia's time in the Shrine of Penitence and Ichigo's time fighting Soul Society to save her.

The Hardest PartCollapse )